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Engineering SmartScan saves time and money Engineering SmartScan saves time and money

Engineering SmartScan saves time and money

Niron Staal provides new service


To meet the increasingly challenging demands of our customers, Niron Staal now provides a new service: Engineering SmartScan.

Today’s expectations and demands of customers  are putting more pressure on their preferred suppliers and subcontractors with regard to such factors as price and delivery time, and this is just what Niron Staal’s general manager Harco Groen likes to hear:

“We always try to get Engineering SmartScan running at the earliest possible opportunity. Certainly with regard to the larger, more risk-laden projects – for a considerable time we have been advising closer cooperation with the engineering bureaus; starting from the design stage where large financial savings can be made, production times better controlled and the quality of the finished product can be optimalised. This is no criticism of the bureaus, but in practice the steelwork and machining operates in a different way than what comes from the drawing-board. Our experience allows us to quickly see how a 2D design solution on a blueprint is going to work in a 3D implementation, and our involvement from the start of a project can prevent costly problems further on.

Recently, for example, we had a problem with a heavy-lift construction that had been designed in 2D. The original specifications called for separately-built sections that were put together at the end of the engineering phase. However, when they got to mounting the sections they found that they didn’t fit with each other and both the heavy-lift construction and the supporting construction had to be extensively adjusted. That extra work could have been so easily avoided.”

Cooperation at an early stage can, according to Harco Groen, have an influence on a variety of factors; choice of materials, style of machining, subcontracting of work to third-parties (such as painting and protective coatings), welding technique, test methods, et cetera.

“In special cases like, for example, the higher class welding applications such as with S690 materials, our experience can be an invaluable asset. There are so many pitfalls that can simply be avoided by early cooperation. By keeping the communication with the engineering bureaus tight and direct during the production phase, corrections can quickly be made where necessary – but in the steel and machining industry, as in other businesses, prevention is better than the cure.  And it is definitely cheaper!”

When you like to receive more information about Engineering SmartScan, don’t hesitate to contact us.