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A Cutter Suction Dredger’s (CSD) main and most important asset is its cutterhead. The cutterhead largely defines the performance of the dredger as it is responsible for the excavation of the soil/rock and the creation of slurry. In the past 25 years Niron Staal has gained the knowledge and know-how in the fabrication and assembling of various types of cutterheads. Since 1971 In close partnership with our clients, designers and end-users Niron Staal has produced more than, almost 750 one-offs and small series of cutter heads.

Our main construction hall is outfitted with in total four manipulators of which two have capacity of up to 30T and two with capacity up to 60T, the largest manipulators worldwide used for the production of cutterheads. The benefit of these manipulators is that the cutterhead can be assembled and welded from any type of angle and that all specialized welding of for example the adapters or blades can be done with the highest accuracy and quality. The welding process and assembly of cutterheads has been perfected over the years and has become a specialism of Niron Staal.

Niron Staal works in close cooperation with APT Cutting and Combi Wear Parts for the design, production and sales of cutter heads and teeth systems.

APT Cutting designs the latest state of the art tooth systems and cutterheads for any size of cutter dredger and for all possible applications. From excavating sand and clayish soils to fresh rock. Their passion for cutterheads and their thrive for reliability, swift reply and easy personal contacts will be of great help to your needs.

Combi Wear Parts develops patented ground engaging tools for the construction, mining and dredging industries. From a custom-built foundry in Sweden, Combi Wear Parts challenge today’s applications and create unique, complex solutions from optimized steel grades. Their knowledge and experience, combined with a great ability to pair them with new technology, makes Combi Wear Parts an ideal total solution partner.

Niron Staal has fabricated the following, but not limited to, types of cutterheads:

  • - Smooth edge cutterheads
  • - Sand / clay cutterheads
  • - Rock cutterheads
  • - Milling cutterheads

We are always looking for new challenges and are more than happy to look into new assembling and welding solutions or new types of cutterheads and create a perfect end product together with our client.