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About us

Niron Staal Amsterdam is a specialised steel construction, machining and piping company located on the premises of sister company Damen Shiprepair Amsterdam. Centrally located in the harbour of Amsterdam, guaranteeing deep-water access on the North Sea channel and efficient transport options such as Schiphol Amsterdam Airport.

More than 40 years of service has let to the highest standards and quality of steel constructions and machining. Many projects require in-house combination of all three departments which allows us to do large-scale constructions and piping work on one hand and accurate machining at extremely low tolerances on the other. Hence our motto: ‘Experience the perfection’.


After the World War II in 1946, during the foundation of the Nederlandsche Dok en Scheepsbouw Maatschappij (NDSM) the largest machine factory in het Netherlands was taken into use, the foundation of the modern-day Niron. Despite various bankruptcies and acquisitions in the subsequent period, the shipyard, including the machine factory and repair hall, had continued to exist. From 1986, with the establishment of ship repair company Shipdock Amsterdam B.V. under the direction of the DCG Holding, the repair halls were put into use under their own name, Niron Staal (Newbuilding, Repair and Maintenance).

In 1993, after the steel construction department was closed, a partnership was entered with Stapel B.V., a shipyard from Spaarndam, under the name Nista B.V. (Niron-Stapel). At that time the machine factory continued under the name Niron.

Nista B.V. continues the steel construction work and works on the construction of clippers ‘Stad Amsterdam’ and ‘Cisne Branco’ as well as the construction of cutterheads for Vosta LMG and cranes for Figee. When the shipyard gets into a rough period and the trend to outsource steel construction work to Eastern Europe emerged, the company Nista B.V. got declared bankrupt in 2004. In 2005, a restart was made with both the machine factory and steel construction department and the company retained the name Niron Staal and to this day on it still operates a fully equipped machine factory and steel construction department.