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Perfection in Machining

Niron Staal operates a fully equipped machine shop including medium and large size CNC boring and milling machines, lathes and carrousels. A surface area of 5.000 m2 in combination with a lifting capacity of max. 150T allows us to have an optimal and spacious arrangement of the machinery and creates the ability to maneuver and place large constructions and components on the machines. Niron Staal is specialised in the machining of one-offs and small series but can also handle large series and recurring pieces. Our skilled employees provide short communication lines and will put their own practical expertise in place to advise our customer how to get the best result possible.

With the utmost precision and according to the customers drawing and specifications, we work according to the tolerances in place. Having multiple disciplines standby, Niron Staal is able to deliver cross-channel projects throughout the company. The three departments, Steel construction, Machining and Piping are able to complement each other and provide a total solution package.

Machining characteristics

Characteristics of machines.

    Horizontal X-as Vertical Y-as Spindel Z-as Turning Table
Sacem Horizontal boring machine CNC 5000 3000 600 Square 1.4 x 1.6 m
Zayer 30 KCU Vertical milling machine CNC 8000 2500 1500 Square 2 meter
Soraluce FS8000 Vertical milling machine CNC 8000 2500 1250 Round 2 meter
Soraluce TR3500 Vertical milling machine CNC 3500 1500 1200  
Soraluce TRK3500 Vertical milling machine CNC 3500 1500 1200 Square 1 m
Pegard Horizontal boring machine CNC 2400 2000 1200  
    Table diameter Turing diameter Working Hight
Dorries Carousel Lathe CNC 1600 2100 1830
Schiess Carousel Lathe Conventional 1600 1650 1250
Schiess Carousel Lathe Conventional 2000 2270 1500
    Turning diameter Hight above support Center distance
Poreba Lathe Conventional 2000 1600 8000
VDF LatheLathe Conventional 680 445 6000
VDF Lathe Conventional 520 300 3000

Expertise and Experience

Throughout the years and from the beginning onwards Niron Staal has gained the experience and trust in the machining of heavy-duty construction with high precision, having a large national and international customer base in heavy-duty industrial markets, the maritime industry, offshore, crane construction, dredging and construction companies. The type of constructions are wide-ranging and vary from tram rails to pedestals to skyscraper steel components and steel bevels to rudders and tail shafts.

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