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Steel Construction

High quality steel constructions

Niron Staal’s steel construction site is specialised in but not limited to heavy construction work for the maritime and offshore markets. With decades of accumulated know-how and experience, delivering excellent constructions, quality and craftsmanship are key. Our welders are certified for all steel alloys and all welding processes such as TIG-welding, MIG/MAG-welding, Electrode welding and Submerged Arc welding. It’s our employees who get the job done.

Expertise and Experience

Over the years Niron Staal has gained experience in a wide range of constructions and corresponding markets such as offshore wind, offshore oil & gas, infrastructure, civil engineering and the maritime industry. Typical offshore constructions include blade racks, walk to work system, boom rest, leg repair, pedestal and crane extension. Maritime constructions include complete hull fabrication, sea chest, ballast water system constructions and repair structures.

For previous experiences and projects, please check our news section or video archive.

Construction Facilities

Niron Staal can handle indoor constructions up to 83.5m in length, 17m in width and 12m in height. The pre-fabrication, fabrication and assembling takes place in our main construction hall which has over 8.200 m2 surface area and an overhead crane capacity up to 150T. The 8.200 m2 surface is divided into multiple area’s in where we also accommodate a high tensile steel (HSS) grade facility. This purpose-built area provides the required conditions that are necessary for HSS-grades welding.

As Niron Staal is located on the premises of Damen Shiprepair Amsterdam we are able to deploy their available resources such as the four graven drydocks, load-out quays, berths and crane assistance. This allows us to take on large (heavy) constructions and transport them over water. The yard’s on and offloading quay includes an outdoor storage area where constructions can be placed and or assembled. The options and possibilities in combination with our partner are wide and unlimited!

Blasting & Painting

When it comes to blasting and painting Niron Staal can offer multiple solutions. As we call in the help of our in-house painter ‘Braspenning Blasting & Coating’, we can either perform the preservation in-house in the construction hall or bring over the constructions to the indoors blasting and painting hall. For each project we look into the best solution possible.

High Strength Steel

High strength steel grades such as S420, S690, S960 call for special requirements and welding under controlled conditions. Therefore a special High strength welding facility, which takes all these requirements into account, has been created within Niron Staal. Niron has extensive knowledge regarding welding and repair of High strength steels. The Niron Staal Welding Engineers and Welding Coordinators are specialized in High strength steel welding and the mechanical and metallurgical behavior of these materials.

Niron Staal works according to all common National and International standards, codes and regulations. Codes such as EN, ISO, AWS and ASME are common practice at Niron Staal for building and welding. The welding process is accompanied by a Welding Procedure Specification (WPS) and a Welding Procedure Qualification Record (WPQR).

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