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Niron Staal Amsterdam B.V. awarded quality certification Niron Staal Amsterdam B.V. awarded quality certification

Niron Staal Amsterdam B.V. awarded quality certification

ISO 3834-2 certification, a quality requirement for fusion welding of metallic materials, defines processes according to established quality procedures. It places Niron Staal Amsterdam B.V., a company of the Damen Shipyards Group, at the top of the welding industry.

“We are proud that we are setting an example,” states Harco Groen, Niron Staal Amsterdam B.V. General Manager. “Achieving this ISO certification in the 3834 series confirms our position by demonstrating compliance with welding requirements and mastering the fundamentals of welding technology.”


The certification ensures all steps, from order to delivery, are carried out adhering to defined quality procedures. This includes working with certified welders and providing products in accordance with all legal requirements and product specifications.

“For years we have been operating on the market with high quality constructions. Last year we were successfully EN NEN 1040 certified, having been assessed on the organisational aspects surrounding our building and welding. This recent certificate is a confirmation of our knowledge and expertise and our continued focus on making high quality steel structures,” states Mr Groen.


Niron Staal Amsterdam B.V. is specialised in steel construction and machining in the harbour of Amsterdam. Special facilities for welding of high-tensile steel materials cater to a large international customer base, mainly in heavy-duty industrial markets. The company has gained experience in crafting constructions and tools for offshore applications and crane components, mainly using steels such as S460 and S690. 

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